A Call to Arms

Hello there fellow tattooist and/or shop owner,

This letter is a bit of a call to arms. The Ontario Tattoo Association (OTA) has been formed with the intention of working with the various municipal governments (in co-operation and with vigilance) on proposed licensing systems for tattooing.  The initial push has been in the GTA, but this concerns artists from all over the province, as it is just a matter of time before similar proposals pop up in the majority of municipalities.  We all recognize that normally tattooists are fiercely independent.  The way that the OTA looks at it, is that there is strength in numbers.  If we, the tattooists affected, want to have our voice heard then it should be strong, large and unified.  We have already started to work alongside Toronto Public Health in a co-operative but steadfast way; agreeing where we agree, and strongly disagreeing when we do not.

We urge you to check out the OTA and check this website regularly for updates on how this licensing proposal is progressing.

Here you will find a mission statement for the organization, an open letter to the industry outlining the proposed legislation regarding the operation of Personal Service Settings, a long list of public health standards and guides on infection control, and a list of members within the association.  We invite you to join that list.

We are changing up the website in order to serve the community better. Let’s face it, this takes time, resources and money. We are looking for individuals that can donate their skills in website/social media, promotion, fundraising, writing articles, volunteers, persons with medical accreditation of any kind, to help the cause.  At the moment the website is in the beginning stages so please overlook its lack of pizazz. Currently the  webspace has been sponsored by Tattoos.com.

Thank you for your time and input,

The Greater Toronto Tattoo Association
The Ontario Tattoo Association