Our Mission Statement

To promote good, clean tattooing. To work with and educate the public and the government of what is being done by industry professionals and organizations to address concerns of infection control and advance the quality of all aspects of tattoo artistry.

The Ontario Tattoo Association (OTA) was formed by artists, industry professionals and collectors to openly share information and to enhance communication between professionals, collectors and government regarding recommendations or legislation. We feel passionate about tattooing being held to a high industry standard, while addressing proposed government regulations for Personal Service Settings.

Come on all you professional, established tattoo artists, shop owners and even collectors, stand up and be counted! At this time we are accepting all industry professionals. Show your support for GOOD, CLEAN TATTOOS in Ontario, now and into the future. Tattoo Licensing is coming. Know the facts, get involved now.

In the Toronto area, and some other parts of Ontario, licensing has, or is, in the process of being implemented. The Ontario Tattoo Association was formed to share information and to enhance or assist with communication among the tattoo community and various government and other agencies. We also want to contribute and consult with the government about pending and future legislation that affects us as stake holders. We all have the right to have our voices heard. In our opinion, the best way to make this happen is to speak loud and clear, with one unified voice. We feel passionate about tattooing. For most of us this is our sole means of support, how we feed our families and support ourselves throughout life.

If you would like to be listed on this website see our membership page.

OTA history

In the summer of 2011 artist Stu Kay of Tattoos.com and Northern Ink Xposure was approached by Toronto Public Health inspector Carola Ostach about licensing of personal services (including tattooing). He was put in contact with Barbara Hansen, a health promotion consultant of the Toronto Public Policy Directorate division of Toronto Public Health. Stu was sent a questionnaire which he then forwarded to fellow industry professionals for review. On August 21st a meeting took place at Seven Crowns Tattoo in Toronto, in attendance were:

  • Stu Kay of Lower East Side TattooAbstract Arts, Tattoos.com & Northern Ink Exposure (Toronto convention)
  • Damian McGrath of Northern Ink Exposure (Toronto convention) and Tattoos.com
  • Jamie Izumi of Tora Tattoo
  • Dr. John Goodhew GP
  • David Naughton of Great Canadian Tattoo Company
  • David Smedley of Great Canadian Tattoo Company
  • Bill Read of Abstract Arts
  • Mark Naraine of Abstract Arts, and Lower East Side Tattoo
  • Matthew Ellis of Seven Crowns Tattoo
  • George Brown of Seven Crowns Tattoo

This group agreed to form The Greater Toronto Tattoo Association (GTTA).

We have since started to contact our peers in the community to join us.

We now have a non profit parent corporation called The Ontario Tattoo Association (OTA).

Licensing target date: July, 2014.