Q - When will licensing take effect?

A - You can apply for a licence any time. The program will start July 2013. However as far as we understand tattoo, piercing and electrolysis establishments will only have until July 2014 to be fully compliant with all laws and regulations.

Q - Will I need a license? What will that require?

A - Yes, each shop or studio will need a license. Each shop will also require comprehensive or full coverage, meaning professional liability coverage. The insurance is not much more than standard business premises and contents coverage. Other conditions will also apply. For example, serious criminal convictions, by business owners may prevent issuing of licences.

Q - How much will a tattoo licence cost and how do i get one?

A - The license is for the shop and will cost around $320 for tattooing. There will be another charge for each personal service you provide. If you already have a shop that gets health inspections, you will automatically be grandfathered into the new system, provided you meet certain criteria like criminal background checks for owners. If you do not have a shop that gets health inspections, you must firstapply to open a tattoo shop. You will then need a health inspection, and then you can apply for a licence.

Q - How do I join the OTA and what benefits will I get?

A - Membership is open to any industry professional and even non members will benefit from this site for free. To become a professional member at this time, all we need is proof of your most recent health inspection. You can register for OTA membership here. This WordPress site will soon include members areas where more information will be available than in the public areas. We already have a para-legal written consent form that is acceptable by insurance. Information in articles, communication with other collectors and artists are just a few of the many benefits of membership. Knowledge is power!