New Canadian Study on the Use of Tattoo Equipment in the Treatment of Skin Conditions

The National Post has recently published an article on a groundbreaking new study.  Anny Fortin, a Canadian biochemist at McGill has researching the use of tattoo equipment to administer treatment for skin conditions.

“The just-published research found evidence that tattooing could greatly improve treatment for cutaneous leishmaniasis, a parasite that leaves millions of people worldwide with disfiguring, and often emotionally devastating, facial sores. It affects mainly developing countries, but even Canadian soldiers returning from Afghanistan have contracted the illness.

The technology, though, could eventually have application in treating skin cancer, psoriasis and other ailments, speculates the scientist behind the project.”

A tattooing machine can target Leishmania cells just below the surface of the sore, depositing the drug — instead of ink — into the bottom of the little holes it creates, far less painfully than a hypodermic needle.

Read the full article here.

You can also access the scholarly research article here.